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How can you help?


  • DONATE TODAY  Easy and online.  We accept monetary donations that support our cause and buy materials for placement bags.
  • OFFER A CORPORATE DONATION  Is you company able to contribute financially or materials for placement bags?
  • BUILD A BAG  We happily accept donations of placement bags.  See whats in a placement bag for options.
  • BUY A BAG  online for donation.  Buy a complete bag, which will be hand packed by a our staff.


Safe Haven Foster Shoppe is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt not-for-profit organization.  

Safe Haven Foster Shoppe’s goal is to provide placement items for foster children and alleviate the financial burden on foster homes by soliciting, collecting, and packaging placement packs for distribution through a network of county agencies and directly with foster homes.  Our services include a variety of placement bags or packs to provide 1 day-1 weeks worth of essentials.  This includes clothing, toiletries, blankets, and entertainment items .  Safe Haven Foster Shoppe receives support from the individual donations, county and charitable organizations; and corporate sponsorships.


Over 11,000 kids are in foster care in MN right now. Most of these children enter into a foster home with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. This is a chance to change that, give them something to call their own, just a few items that we all take having for granted. Safe Haven Foster Shoppe operates an office and storage facility where we store donated placement packs and materials that will be used for distribution.  The program actively solicits bags from local community involvement, as well as retailers, wholesalers, and corporations. 

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