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Our Founders

Terra Bastolich

President - Board Chair

Terra works in partnership with the Executive Director to make sure board resolutions are carried out and effectively executed to meet the strategic plan of the organization. Terra oversees board meetings, budgets, committee appointments and planning efforts. Terra also serves as the spokesperson and manages all aspects of communications—from web presence to external relations with the goal of creating awareness for the organization. Terra is a successful and seasoned business professional, with a strong background in business and marketing. In conjunction with the opportunity to meet and understand the foster care system, a need was clear to Terra. These children and foster homes need support. And after some initial investigation, it was clear this was an opportunity to give back, directly into the hands of these children at an extremely venerable time in their lives. Not everyone can open their homes to become a foster home; but everyone can open their hearts to help. This is Terra's vision to help.

Anita Olson

Executive Director

Anita works in partnership with the Board and executes and leads the day-to-day operations of the organization. Ensuring all ongoing programs follow the strategic direction set by the leadership of the organization. Anita is a small business owner and foster mom, with 4 children, including a foster-to-adopt family. Anita's passion to help these foster children coming into her home and others is really a driving force behind Safe Haven Foster Shoppe. Over the past few years her family has opened their home to many foster children; and supplied not only a stable home; but all the necessary "things" that children need. She has personally witnessed the lack of proper necessities these children have when placed into foster care. Her foster-to-adopt child arrived in her home at 2 days old, with no more than a single onesie he received from the hospital as his possessions. Anita has firsthand experienced the sadness of a child taken from their home; as well as the joy of being a part of a new foster family. This emotion drives the vision of Safe Haven Foster Shoppe.

Our Board

All of our board members are 100% Volunteer!

Terra Bastolich

Board Chair

Terra is the Co-founder, President & Board Chair at Safe Haven Foster Shoppe.  

Linda McDonald


Linda is the Treasurer and Director of Finance for Safe Haven Foster Shoppe.  

Gail McGuire

Board Member

Gail is the board member and Fundraising Director for Safe Haven Foster Shoppe.

Emily Patrick


Emily is a board member and Secretary at Safe Haven Foster Shoppe.  

Katie Yernberg

Board Member

Katie is a board member and Fundraiser at Safe Haven Foster Shoppe.  


Board Member

In search of a board member and Fundraiser at Safe Haven Foster Shoppe.  

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