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Welcome to Safe Haven Foster Shoppe

shfs_logo As  many of you know, Safe Haven Foster Shoppe has been a project in the works for some time.  Well, today is the day we officially go live.  Although our process is not fully complete, we want to share our journey with you.  Safe Haven Foster Shoppe is a non-profit organization providing placement essentials to children in Foster care.  Please join us on our journey to bring these essentials directly into the hands of the children who need them.  As we roll out this organization, we ask for donation support to fund the start up costs associated with the formation of a new non-profit.  As well, you can expect some great opportunities to donate bags, host bag drives, volunteer your time or join our board of Directors. Please share our story, follow us on Social Media and keep in touch.  We are truly blessed by the support so far and look forward to expanding our network of supporters.

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