Welcome and thank you for taking time out of your day to be a part of something much bigger than any of us can imagine.  Safe Haven Foster Shoppe was created to support a fb95img951484880783109rising gap in the foster care system.  Everyday children are being pulled out of the only home they know and brought to a stranger’s home (a foster home).  Most of those children come with NOTHING, putting the children and foster homes in a tough spot.  We at Safe Haven Foster Shoppe along with all of you can change that. You can choose to shop for bag items and assemble a bag yourself to donate, you can purchase a bag from our website or you can donate funds to help up purchase items for more bags.  You personally can supply a child with a sense of comfort they can call their own.   Regards, Anita Olson

2 thoughts on “Welcome Message from our Co-Founder and Executive Director – Anita Olson

  1. I have been holding onto toddler and baby clothes for a couple of months. I really want your organization to have them but I do not know where to bring them. There are warm baby sleepers for winter. Please contact me so I can get them to you.

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