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Why we do what we do – A Story of a Foster Child

iStock-857763024.jpg Safe Haven Foster Shoppe was formed with a mission to help children in foster care.  Everyday we spend our spare time devoted to running this organization, which includes many tasks, from fundraising, to bookkeeping, to bag packing and deliveries.  We personally pack each bag, specific for a child coming into care.  We “ohhh” and “ahh” over all the amazing donations, and get so excited about the items we place in these bags.  As we do this we think of the child; we envision their situation, and we hope that these items can help them at a difficult time in their life. The majority of the time, what we do is a “thankless” task.  Our donors, volunteers and supporters donate time and money, with nothing more than the notion in our hearts and minds that we know… we are helping a child.  We don’t witness this, but we know what we are doing is helping. And that is enough to motivate us each and every day to do more. But… sometimes we get to experience a little magic of our own, through the gift of a story shared by a child.  At a recent foster care appreciation dinner, I had the privilege to meet a very special little girl.  I noticed her, watch our video, over and over.  She would come back to our table, and watch again… and again.  As I said hello to her, she looked up at me with bright eyes and shared her story.  “I got one of those bags” she said.  “I sleep with the blanket every night.”  I was stunned, this was my vision… to help precious children like her.  I was speechless, but she deserved a response.  I said to her, “How did you like it?”  She said, “I used every singe item, and still do.  Thank you!” I share this story, for this precious little girl; who deserves the world; and the children we help every day and every day in the future.  Also, I share this story for the volunteers, donors, and supporters of Safe Haven Foster Shoppe; thank you for what you do.  We are making a difference!  And although, we don’t generally get to meet these special children, know the magic you are creating with our mission. Terra Bastolich – Co-Founder of Safe Haven Foster Shoppe
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